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Gas-Phase Photonic and Microwave Materials group (GPPMM) is Xlim new axis of research activities. These activities stem from its work on hollow-core photonic crystal fibre (HC-PCF) and its capabilities of confining gas-phase materials inside HC-PCF. The different GPPMM scientific programs rely on the form of gases utilised, which are (1) molecular gases; (2) Atomic vapours and (3) ionised gases (i.e. plasma). The scientific program comprises the following three main themes: (1) Physics and technology of HC-PCF; (2) Coherent and nonlinear optics and (3) Atom and quantum optics. The long term aim of the GPPMM group is to anticipate the advent of the photonic computer by developing and gathering the necessary ingredients and functionalities with its unique scientific and technical expertise in gas-phase photonic materials and components. In its endeavours to reach this aim, it relies on the expertise of Xlim in micro and nano-electronics and photonics on one hand on SPCTS for material synthesis. The three GPPMM scientific themes divide in several work packages listed below.

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Physics and technology of HC-PCF

  • Design and fabrication of HC-PCF
  • Physics of guidance mechanisms
  • Photonic MicroCell assembly
  • HC-PCF optical resonators & components

Coherent and nonlinear optics

  • Raman comb generation (CW and pulsed)
  • Plasma photonics
  • Correlated and entangled photon states generation

Atom and quantum optics

  • Molecular frequency standards and optical processing
  • Photonic microwave atomic clock
  • In-fibre laser cooling