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Image Synthesis and Analysis


The "Image Synthesis and Analysis" axis (ASALI) is a research structure located on two geographic sites (Limoges and Poitiers). Scientific challenges developed in our teams are the creation of complex, structured objects in arbitrary dimension, modelling and processing of colorimetric and spectral informations in still or animated pictures, and realistic image synthesis relying on procedural models, either statistically- or physically-based.

The activities of the ASALI axis represent a complete pipeline, from fondamental research to industrial applications development, through 3 teams working on 2 main themes:

  • computer graphics and image synthesis
  • analysis and processing of still and animated pictures

The originality of our axis lies in the shared knowledge coming from researchers specialized in topological structures of geometric objects, representation of textures, light-matter interactions, simulation and animation of rigid or fluid bodies linked to topological models, or mathematical tools dedicated to multi-spectral data, with the prevalence of perception.



The research activities of ICONES research team are organized around the modeling and the processing of color and spectral images and videos in the three following themes:



The Computer Graphics team works on the complex object structure. This concerns the three following specific topics:



The main theme developed in the "Realistic Image Synthesis" team (SIR) is realistic rendering techniques. Realism here should be associated to photo-realism. The goal is to represent the appearence of objects inside a virtual scene as faithfully as possible, by taking into account material properties and physical phenomena involved in light-matter interactions.