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Youssef Rammal receives the CEM 2023 Best Student Paper Award

Youssef Rammal, PhD student of the RF systems axis, received the Best Student Paper Award for his paper entitled "Measurement of the radiation pattern of a horn antenna in a vibrating intrinsic reverberation chamber (VIRC)"

A new European project: SHIFT - Sustainable Technologies Enabling Future Telecom Applications

The “RF systems” axis is working with the WP5 partners on the “Earth Observation in X-band” demonstrator #7, led by Safran.

NEMO 2022

NEMO2022 will bring together experts and practitioners of electromagnetic- and multiphysics-based modeling, simulation and optimization for RF, microwave and terahertz applications. This conference is an ideal forum to share new ideas on techniques for electromagnetic and multiphysics modeling, propose efficient design algorithms and tools, and anticipate the modeling/analysis needs of future technologies and applications.

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Inauguration the joint X-SELANS lab

X-SELANS will enable teams from the University of Limoges, the CNRS and Safran, with support from the ANR, to further cement their ties and their ability to carry out research and development on antennas and active sources, as well as the integration of microwave functions.

Graduation Ceremony first intake of Erasmus Master EMIMEO

On Friday, September 3rd, the first graduation ceremony of the Erasmus Master EMIMEO (Erasmus Master on Innovative Microwave Electronics and Optics) rewarded the excellence of this first intake.

The multiple possibilities of heptazines

The innovative work of Pierre Audebert on heptazines, professor at ENS Paris-Saclay and researcher in the PPSM and XLIM laboratory, is the subject of a prestigious publication.

Creation of an International Research Project (IRP) FiberMed

XLIM Research Institute and A*STAR’s Singapore Bioimaging Consortium (SBIC) embarks on four year partnership to optimise imaging technologies for medical diagnostics at the bedside

Benjamin Wetzel recipient of an ERC grant

Last Thursday, the European Research Council (ERC) announced its list of beneficiaries of the "Starting Grant" competition.

Frédéric Gérôme winner of the SFO Fabry - de Gramont prize

Frédéric Gérôme won the Fabry - de Gramont prize from the Société Française d'Optique. This award recognizes his work within the GPPMM group of the Xlim laboratory, ranging from the development of hollow-core fibers to plasma photonics.

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Mr. Pierre-Yves Guillon promoted Knight of the Legion of Honor

Physicist Pierre-Yves Guillon, Founder of the XLIM Research Institute, and former student of the University of Limoges before becoming a Doctor of Science in 1978, was elevated to the rank of Knight of the Legion of Honor, this 14th of July.